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Why are you searching for Online coaching for IELTS in Lucknow?

Lockdown started in the last week of March 2020 and by now how many weeks are gone? Just make a quick mental calculation. You though about starting your IELTS preparation in April – May or June – July, where are you now?


Some of you have started by watching videos online, ordered some books from amazon, took few sample tests and also downloaded some free material (there is tons available) – so what is the progress like?

Those who have already prepared for the test and registered for March / April 2020, their test date was shifted to May, then June, then July, then August, then eternity. Are you still preparing with the same motivation?

There are many such pains which we have evaluated and used all our experience to bring you the most coveted IELTS Online Preparation in Lucknow.  At Eduken we ensure that your learning time is spent well and with a focused preparation you get the desired bands. In this post we have tried to explain some key benefits of IELTS online coaching by Eduken in Lucknow. Read full article here and decide whether its is the right program for you or not.

Whatever your reason is for going abroad – for getting a degree, taking up a job or planning for immigration, one common exam that most of you has to go through is the IELTS. With its popularity and acceptance, it is one of the most widely accepted tests around the world. With the increasing difficulty level of the test, it is becoming hard to achieve 7+ band scores for many test takers. We believe, it is not that hard at all.

When it comes to preparation, the toughest part for you is to decide how to start your IELTS test preparation – we strongly believe that if you are comfortable watching videos on YouTube or movies on Netflix, doing an online IELTS test preparation would not be that difficult too. There are many other benefits which you can get from IELTS Online Test Preparation in Lucknow.



Eduken has completed 12 years of its journey…

Lucknow's best coaching for GRE IELTS TOEFL

Eduken – Lucknow’s renowned Study Abroad Consulting Company and a premier training company for IELTS / TOEFL / SAT / GRE / GMAT has turned 12 last week (on June 05th, 2020). We are under quarantine and would like to thank all our students and team members as without their contribution this success story wouldn’t have been possible.

As we are under forced lockdown (as the whole academic world due to Covid19) we cannot treat you all with chocolates and cake but we promise to have a double celebration when we open up again. During this period of lockdown, we have worked on several new plans to make our association more progressive and meaningful.

No matter what happens in the world, we are in no mood to slow down and want all our clients to be ready and prepared for the future. Never-say-die spirit and the ability to constantly evolve ourselves is the need and Eduken strives to grow as its 12th year unfolds. We promise to bring better and affordable service to you in post Covid-2020 and beyond.

So stop worrying, shed off all negative thoughts and start preparing for a better career ahead.

Till then, stay safe, stay home and stay involved.

Best Wishes,

Team Eduken

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Coronavirus impact on Indian students

Devaluing rupee a concern for indian students

Are you planning to go abroad for Bachelors or Masters?

In the last 40 days or so, we have interacted with several students who were planning to join global universities for their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Some of them are jittery regarding their future plans, some are still confident and some are waiting for the Coronavirus crisis to get over before they think about anything else. We are sure you are no different and also evaluating certain outcomes.

Why falling rupee is also a concern for Indian students?

Covid-19 (Corona pandemic) undoubtedly is the biggest and most serious concern worldwide and any other problem, no matter how big it is, seems minuscule in front of it. After all good health and safety of close ones is the topmost priority. During this ongoing crisis, there is another situation which can make a financial impact on us is devaluing rupee. The rupee is losing its value against all major currencies such as US Dollar, British Pound and Euro and it seems that the trend will continue in the near future as well.


Both these conditions are important for your future health – physical and financial. For now, we want you to think rationally about these TWO situations and make a clear plan about your future. Just don’t get shaky – I am sure you will emerge stronger.

We are also interested in knowing about your future plans. Let us know and feel free to ask for any help from our side.

If you have a problem related to test prep or study abroad then write an email to us on or call us on +91-9919640444.

The Eduken Team
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